Since opening Calgary's best entertainment establishment in 2002, we have trusted you to provide us with the legal solutions that have helped us to be a success. Our business requires all our attention and that means we have to be able to count on our lawyer's knowledge and skill in taking care of our interests.

You have rewarded our trust again and again. And, if "I trust him" isn't the most important thing anyone can say about their lawyer, then I don't know what is. Anyone who needs to hear this directly from me is welcome to call.

- Ronald Dobson, CEO, The Roadhouse | See full reference letter.

As the founder and CEO of E5 Group I have for 10 years now relied upon you for fast and cost effective top notch legal services. From keeping our company current with governmental requirements to preparing our legal agreements, I have come to have the utmost faith in your excellent judgment, knowledge and skill. Your dedication to advancing our company's best interests in all situations is unquestioned. Those characteristics have made you a valued member of our management team.

Darrell Henigman CEO, E5 Group Inc. | See full reference letter.

The directors of Mountain View Academy wish to acknowledge your involvement over the past two years in helping make our education institution the reality it is today.

Unfortunately, being a non-profit Society does not mean that we are immune from most of the challenges faced by a profit organization. Since coming into existence, we have had to deal with a great many challenges, including a number of difficult legal ones. And with your assistance, we have achieved our goal of occupying the facility which will meet the needs of our students for many years to come.

Karen Spencer, Director, Mountain View Academy | See full reference letter.

As you know, over thc past few years running, we have received numerous Renovator of the Year Awards from the Calgary Regional Home Builders Association. We're proud of that accomplishment and we never forget that it takes a lot of talented people and hard work to make it possible.

One of the talents we need to do our jobs right is to be able to foresee potential problems and be ready with solutions to avoid them. We believe you have that talent and that is one of the reasons we have relied upon you as our legal counsel for the past decade. You anticipate problems while they are still just possibilities. And you understand that problem avoidance is always more efficient, and less expensive, than problem correction.

Danny Ritchie, CEO, Ultimate Renovations and Additions Inc. | See full reference letter.

As business people we sometimes feel that the complexity of the law exists solely to prevent our success. You know our frustration and understand that the simple solution is almost always the best solution.

For the past eight years we have obtained from you the on-going legal services which are a necessity in our industry. During that time we have found your knowledge of the law and familiarity of the issues which matter to us to be exceptional. We hasten to add that your speed, efficiency, accessibility and sound professional ethics are also very much appreciated. Whether you are assisting our clients in understanding a lengthy commercial lease or advocating for our company, we always have the utmost faith that we are dealing with the right lawyer. We look forward to our continuing relationship and thank you for your efforts to date. Feel free to direct to me anyone who wishes to obtain a reference concerning you or your services.

Brian Gordon, CEO Gordon Commercial Realty Inc. | See full reference letter.

In the 10 or so years we have worked together, you have referred many of your clients to us to ensure that their intellectual property rights are properly protected. You know that patent, trade mark, copyright and industrial design law is too complex and constantly evolving to enable a non-specialist to deliver the right services at a reasonable cost.

We particularly appreciate your referrals because, by the time we meet your client, he or she already has some important background from you on which of our services are required and why. That background enables us to proceed directly to what we do best. All in all, that is a highly efficient arrangement. And efficiency ensures timely and cost effective services for the client.

- Thomas E. Malyszko, Registered Patent & Trade-mark Agent | See full reference letter.

Everyone knows a lawyer's time is expensive. And it's hard, sometimes, to justify paying for something you can't see or touch, like legal services. But business is complicated and good professional services are worth what they cost. We know, we're in a professional services business too.

When we deal with you we never feel like you want to sell us something we don't need. And we know we won't get a bill for effort that didn't happen. There's real value in what you do for us and we appreciate it.

Dennis Howden, President, Red Dog Systems Inc. | See full reference letter.

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